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At NGIS, we offer a broad range of financial services...

The asset management unit specialises in wealth management services for institutional and individual investors. The NGIS asset management team has a rich experience in managing funds with different kinds of risk characteristics and time horizons.


•    We offer specialised investment management services for corporate institutions such as banks and non-bank financial institutions, public corporations, NGOs and private businesses.
•    NGIS manages Mutual Fund that pool funds from both institutional and retail investors.
•    We offer assistance to institutions that wish to set up and manage their own pension and welfare schemes.
•    NGIS manages master trust pension schemes (tier 2 and tier 3), provident funds, endowment funds and welfare funds belonging to several institutions from diverse sectors across the country. 
•    We offer wealth management services for individuals of varied backgrounds.
•    Clients are assisted with their financial and retirement planning at no cost.
•    At NGIS, each client has access to a dedicated Relationship Manager. We also have in place a client service team that always stands ready to service your account.
•    We manage pension funds (tier 2 and tier 3), provident funds and welfare funds belonging to institutions from diverse sectors across the country. 
•    We offer assistance to institutions that wish to set up and manage their own pension and welfare schemes.
•    We provide a reliable and easy way to comply with the pension law by guiding you to do the following:
     - Draft your scheme Trust Deed
     - Draft your Scheme Rules and Regulations
     - Draft a Statement of Investment Policy
     - Select an independent Trustee
     - Register your scheme with NPRA
•    We have a number of personal pension products and schemes serving the retirement needs of clients.
With a firm understanding of the Ghanaian business and financial environment, excellent specialist financial knowledge and significant experience advising and financing various industry sectors in Ghana, the NGIS corporate finance team offers world class advisory services to clients. Our range of corporate finance services include:
•    Company valuations
•    Raising capital - debt /equity
•    Mergers and acquisitions, advisory & feasibility studies
•    Financial & corporate restructuring
•    Partnership syndications
•    Business strategy & investment development
•    Financial engineering and consultancy services on diverse projects.
Our research team provides extensive reports on Ghana’s financial and capital markets and the economy in general. NGIS research provides in-depth analysis on local, regional, and global economic issues, analyzing economic data as they are churned out by government agencies and independent organizations. Our periodic reports also highlight major policy issues and their effects on industry and investment. By our weekly newsletters, we provide our extensive readership snapshots of developments within the financial market that could influence their investment decisions.